Wells Gone for Good?


Tuesday night the CW hit series, “The Flash” kicked off the premier for season 7 with something fans never expected. The untimely death of Nash Wells. 


Over the years we have seen many versions (doppelgängers) of Harrison Wells come and go from the show. However, after the death of Nash there will most likely not be any doppelgängers of Wells returning to the show. The reason for this being that after the Crisis on Infinite Earths all doppelgängers of Wells ended up in Nash’ mind. Therefore when Nash sacrificed himself to power the artificial speed force he took all his doppelgängers with him. 


Although it is devastating that we will no longer be seeing the Wells’ on the show, actor Tom Cavanagh will continue. Fans can rest assured since it has been confirmed by executive producer, Eric Wallace. He confirmed this to Entertainment Weekly by stating, “Tom Cavanagh is still part of the show...And Tom Cavanagh has more to do in season 7 — much more to do. ” 


Now that this has been verified fans are going crazy trying to figure out how he will be returning. Will he return as Reverse-Flash? Will a new character be introduced? Let us know what you think.